Black Knight’s secondary marketing technologies support a broad client base and automate key functions throughout the mortgage loan life cycle, like product and pricing, hedging, loan trading and MSR valuation, social media, and more.

Optimal Blue PPE

Access our robust library of educational resources to discover how leading companies leverage Optimal Blue to solve industry related challenges.

Whether you are looking to improve operational efficiencies, deploy the latest innovations in technology, or grow your bottom line, Optimal Blue offers a wide range of informative white papers, case studies, and product overviews to help you achieve organizational goals.

Optimal Blue is currently hosting its own Digital Marketplace Developer Portal.

To gain access to the Secondary Market APIs, you would need a separate account with Digital Marketplace Developer Portal. You can create an account by clicking on the Get Started button on their Home page. Once your account has been created, you will receive an email with instructions on how to verify your account.

We will then add the subscriptions to your account and you will receive another email notifying you that you are ready to start exploring our APIs. Please note that you may need to log out and log back into Digital Marketplace Developer Portal to view the API documentation.


Optimal Blue Digital Marketplace API Products

Scenario Pricing API

Supports the return of BESTX™ product and pricing for a given borrower scenario, complete results include all eligible and ineligible products, pricing, and fees.

Lead-Quoting API

Connects lead-aggregation vendors to the Optimal Blue PPE so real-time rates can be displayed on lead-generation and rate-table advertising websites.

Pipeline & Initial Lock API

Supports key functionalities related to the initial lock, like registration of initial lock submission, creation and management of loans, and the retrieval and sorting of pipelines.

Post Lock Changes API

Supports key functionalities related to post-lock changes of a loan registered in Optimal Blue, like change requests, worse case pricing, and historical searches.

Lock Desk Management API

Supports key functionalities related to lock desk management, like the acceptance, rejection, or cancellation of lock and/or change requests, and base pricing.

Dynamic Markups API

This API product supports the creation, management, and assignment of Dynamic Markup schedules within an Optimal Blue client’s personal configuration site.

Loan Trading API

Provides access to the Resitrader functionality that cover the entire seller workflow. This includes LOS writebacks and the ability to upload, sell, and allocate loans.

OBMMI Current Indices API

This API provides values for over 16 mortgage market rate indices, calculated from actual locked rates from +30% of all mortgage transactions closed nationwide.

OBMMI Current Indices Widget

Enables the user to deliver daily mortgage rates via website or eNewsletter, with a fully branded OBMMI widget that can easily be implemented at no cost.