Maybe, though it is not considered part of the normal onboarding process. We are happy to answer questions and provide sample request and responses via OpenAPI specs.  However, if you require extensive coding, we would need to discuss your needs. Our development team in this case would review your request and provide a cost estimate for you.

Yes, all of the APIs created with BKI API Gateway expose HTTPS endpoints only. BKI API Gateway does not support unencrypted (HTTP) endpoints. By default, the BKI API Gateway assigns an internal domain to the API that automatically uses the BKI API Gateway certificate.

Registering with this site will allow you to see most of the external APIs we currently offer through the API marketplace.

APIs built on the BKI API Gateway can accept any payloads sent over HTTP. Typical data formats include JSON, XML, query string parameters, and request headers. You can declare any content type for your API’s responses, and then use the transform templates to change the back-end response into your desired format depending on the API you are integrating with.

Please contact our support team.  We don’t judge, and we're always happy to assist!